The directors of FreshenGo launching 123Wash Pods

Gelnova Hygiene is revolutionizing Household Care: FreshenGo's Eco-friendly 123Wash Pods

Diving into the future of eco-friendly household care, Gelnova Hygiene introduces FreshenGo's 123Wash Pods—an innovative detergent solution that's taking sustainable living to the next level. Born from a Make-in-India initiative, this technological marvel is making waves in the mass market by transforming everyday cleaning routines.

FreshenGo's groundbreaking products—the 123Wash Laundry Pods and 123Wash Floor Cleaner Disinfectant Pods—are changing the face of household detergents and cleaners. Co-founders Jatin Thakkar and Akshay Shah conceived the idea of these pod-form detergents out of their commitment to the environment. The novel concept of these premeasured, zero waste, cost-effective, and single-use pods provides an eco-friendly alternative to traditional cleaning methods.

Traditional liquid detergents typically contain 80% water and only 20% effective cleaning agent, leading to excessive waste. However, FreshenGo's 123Wash Pods are formulated with 95% plant-derived active ingredients and a mere 5% water. Additionally, the inclusion of natural essential oils imparts a rich aroma to the clothes, enhancing your laundry experience.

Not just eco-friendly, these pods are also cost-effective. With just one pod, you can clean an entire load of clothes, saving both money and resources. Their packaging, made with PVA Film, is entirely water-soluble, biodegradable, and 100% plastic-free, eliminating any potential harm to the environment.

Unlike conventional cleaning liquids or soaps, which often contain harmful chemicals that can seep into our water bodies and soil, FreshenGo's 123Wash Pods are free from any substances that could degrade our nature. By integrating these sustainable cleaning solutions into our daily routines, we can collectively contribute to a healthier environment and move towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

The introduction of FreshenGo's 123Wash Pods marks a significant stride in India's journey towards zero waste and green innovation. The future of sustainability lies in the hands of such forward-thinking startups that strive to protect our environment with their ingenious ideas. With its innovative, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, FreshenGo isn't just revolutionizing household care—it's also creating history.

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