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    120 Pods Pack - 123WASH Floor Cleaner & Disinfectant Surface Liquid Pods, Lemon Fresh | Kills 99.9% Germs | India's # 1 Floor Cleaner & Disinfectant Pods | Single Use

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    123WASH Floor Cleaner & Disinfectant kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

    QUICK CLEAN: Concentrated disinfectant cleaner liquid has a quick acting low foam formula that eliminates stubborn dirt from all surfaces within minutes.

    LEAVES YOUR SURFACE CLEAN & SHINY: Use our concentrated disinfectant cleaner to eliminate unwanted stains, dirt & grease. This floor cleaner pods cuts through tough stains and easily dissolves greasy dirt, leaving you with a clean and vibrantly refreshed surface.

    CAPTIVATING CITRUS SCENTS: Elevate your cleaning experience with our essential oils blend of extraordinary fragrances. You no longer need to trade-off between the cleaning power of 123Wash and uplifting extraordinary scents that transform your entire home

    APPLICATION: For cleaning floors, wood work, surfaces and equipment, dilute 1.75ML i.e 1 Pod of 123WASH in 4L of clean water.

    The breakthrough POD technology film dissolves in both hot & cold water.

    Convenient, clean, and self-contained. 100% Bio-degradable. Do not cut the Pod.

    1 BOX = 120 FCD Pods, 1 Pod (1.75ML) can wash upto 960 sq.ft area.

    Please Follow our Instructions on How to use this product.