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    About Us



    Finally, a brand that puts your CONVENIENCE FIRST! 

    We bring you products that are safe, non-toxic, and highly effective. We believe in tangible results you can see and feel, and we believe in the power of nature to bring these results. Whether you’re looking for Aromatic Perfumes, Moisturizing Body Oils or Natural Laundry Care, we have an array of natural products for your daily use.

    Who Are We?
    We're Fresh. We're Now. We're Trendy. We're Ethereal. We are Sustaining. We're FreshEnGo - and YOU matter to us!

    We believe odors create character. At FreshEnGo, we design our scents keeping one thing in mind - The customer must FEEL good and SMELL good, when it matters the most!

    What are FreshenGo Perfume Capsules?
    Japanese Perfumes Power Packed in composite, portable, free weight and easy to apply capsules, available in different fragrances. These capsules are Alcohol-Free, infused with essential oils and other natural ingredients, custom made to the T to make sure the odor stays fresh and lasts long.

    Pinch Pull Snap
    Our Mantra, our technique and our process. Ever left home, rushed to your destination only to realise your perfume wore off? With FreshEngo capsules in your back pocket, all you'll ever need to do is Pinch, Pull & Snap!

    What are FreshenGo 123 Wash Laundry Pods?
    Super Easy to Use. DROP-LOAD-START
    Tackle odors, fights tough stains, softens, and brightens the cloth
    Formulated with Plant Based enzymes for a great clean, Non-Toxic
    Essential oil-based Formulation for long lasting Scent
    Our Pods are pre-measured for extra convenience, use 1 pod for 1 medium load, use 2 pods for heavy load
    These PODS are safe to use in any washing machine and at any water temperature
    These pods are bio degradable as they dissolve in water.

    What are FreshenGo Moisturizing Oil Capsules?
    FreshenGo Moisturizing Body Oils are made using Natural Almond Oil & Natural Essential Oils,which are Power Packed in composite, portable, free weight and easy to apply capsules, available in different fragrances.
    They are Non-Sticky, Fast Absorbing oils, that smoothens & nourishes skin, combats Dryness as a Powerful moisturizer.
    Its Enriched With Tocotrienol which Helps Protect from UV rays and pollution.
    Single Use Capsule, Each capsule is 1ML & the gelatin softgel is 100% bio-degradable.