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Almond Oil + Oudh Fragrance

Almond Oil + Oudh Fragrance

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Key Ingredients

  1. Pure Almond Oil
  2. Vitamin E (Tocotrienol)
  3. Silicon Oil
  4. Natural Fragrance
Natural Almond Oil & Essential Oil Capsules To keep your skin hydrated and glowing even when you are on the Go.  Smell Fresh With our Oudh Essential Oil Fragrance.
60 Capsules in a BOX! 

• Fast absorbing
• Non-sticky
• Smoothens skin
• Nourishes skin
• Combat Dryness
• Even Skin Tone
• Powerful moisturizer

Enriched With  Tocotrienol
Helps Protect from UV rays and pollution, has anti-oxidant properties.

• Pinch, Twist & Snap the Capsule
• Squeeze the oil on one hand
• Gently Rub On Both Hands
• Apply on Skin

• Use 1 Capsule to Cover Half Body
• Use 2 Capsules to Cover Full Body

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Almond Oil + Oudh Fragrance - FRESHENGO

Almond Oil + Oudh Fragrance

Freshengo's Moisturizing Body Oils are a delightful blend of pure almond oil, Vitamin E, silicon oil, and natural fragrances. They deeply nourish, protect, and rejuvenate your skin while leaving you with a lasting, soothing aroma. Experience smooth application and all-day moisture with Freshengo