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Perfume Capsules x 6 Boxes

Perfume Capsules x 6 Boxes

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6  Fragrances x 43 Capsules Each Fragrance

The finest Japanese aromas crafted into beautiful, fuss-free capsules to keep you fresh on the go

Our handpicked ingredients ensure that each fragrance is alcohol and stain free to give you long lasting freshness that doesn't hurt you or your clothes

So, all you have to do is Pinch - Pull - Snap to feel your best wherever you are

Key Ingredients

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Perfume Capsules x 6 Boxes

Experience the captivating allure of Freshengo's Fragrances. These scents are thoughtfully crafted with a blend of natural elements, offering a unique aromatic profile. Each fragrance embodies a different mood, allowing you to express your individuality while leaving a memorable impression wherever you go